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Grain Mill to Myers Granary Antique Market

The grain mill in Benzie County is a stately old structure worn and weathered with age.  Built in the early 1900's to accommodate the agricultural development in Benzie County. 

The birth of several small towns were developed as a result of the great lumber era that prospered on the Betsie and Platte rivers in Benzie County.  This allowed the people who settled here, and framed the land a facility to store and mix grains that were hauled to the mill by truck or rail. 

The grain mill soon became the Benzie County Cooperative serving the needs of the farmers in the area, it remained in operation until 1969.  Two warehouses were constructed and attached to the grain mill.  The first consisted of five garage bays used for coal bins to store coal that was brought in by rail, shoveled into trucks and delivered to customers in the 1940's, 50's, 60's.  The second or back warehouse constructed in 1963 was used for storage of equipment. 

The mill stopped operation in 1969.  Then it became The Beulah Lumber Company in 1970-72.  After The Beulah Lumber Company went out of business, the mill remained vacant and stood unused for over a decade.  It was purchased by the Myers family in September of 1984.  The mill project and restoration of the building began in the back warehouse where passageways were cut through the concrete walls to connect the warehouses to the mill. 

The Granary Antique Market opened for business in 1987, in the back warehouse.  We continued with the restoration expansion each year, encompassing both warehouses and the mill.  In 1993 it became Myers Granary Antique Market and Myers Granary Inc. which still exists to the present time.  The restoration project continued into the mill. 

In 1995 the mill section became the focal point of the entire project, where local food products were sold.  Also, in 1995 we opened the upstairs of the mill and displayed antiques and collectibles in the old grain storage bins.  At this time, we added, with the cooperation from Leelanau Wine Cellars of Omena, Michigan, a wine tasting bar with retail sales of Leelanau Wine Cellars wines. 

In 1996 the final phase of the grain mill restoration project was culminated with the construction of an office and apartment in the front portion of the second floor.  An upper deck was added to view beautiful Crystal Lake.  The lower deck is used for customers to sit, rest, relax, snack and view the activity on the Betsie Valley trail. 

Myers Granary Antique Market houses 10,000 Sq. Ft. of quality antiques and collectibles.  Now in the twenty first century, Myers Granary remains stedfast and proud of it's heritage, cherished by all, and loaded with treasures from the past, a variety of Leelanau Wine Cellar wines and local and gourmet food products.